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Corporate and Business Headshots – What to wear?

After years of updating numerous local professionals’ corporate and business headshots, I can offer a few clothing tips that always look great for a polished professional image.

1. For a classic corporate look, a solid coat over a tie or blouse with a pop of color always looks great. You achieve a visually appealing layering effect, plus the color is a nice accent and improves skin tone.

2. Wear long sleeves for a more professional appearance in corporate portraits. Short sleeves read more casual and seeing your arms in the photo draws your eye to them.

3. Bring clothing options. It never ceases to amaze me or my clients that their second or third choice outfit ends up looking the best. Sometimes what looks great in person may not photograph as well. 

4. Pressed clothes look sharp – do your best to stay wrinkle free.

5. Ladies, remember to accessorize – a necklace and earrings help to finish a look. Guys, bring tie options, they bring in color, pattern and personality. When in doubt, bring extra – I’ll give you my opinion.

7. For a monochromatic look, skip the pop of color and go for tones in a similar hue.

8. A casual professional look can be a nice compliment or alternative to the traditional corporate and business headshot. Make sure your casual attire still follows the above guidelines and you’ll look great!

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