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Hi Heidi, it was so fun at today’s photo shoot. Thank you so much for all your energy and skill. I can’t wait to see Julia‘s pictures and I know that it will be another fun day! Take care, Betsy

"It was so fun at today's photo shoot"

Betsy S. 
Apple Valley, MN
August 2021

energy & skill

Thanks, Heidi! Natalie felt really great, special, and beautiful after the session. Thank you for a wonderful morning! We can't wait to see the images. 

"Thanks, Heidi!"

Adrienne M.
Mendota Heights, MN
August 2020

special & beautiful

Senior Pictures Should:

1. Make you look and FEEL beautiful.
2. Be fun and collaborative.
3. Result in a wide assortment of fantastic images.
4. Be a memory in and of itself. 

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"There are like 30 amazing pictures here,"

Over the years, I have learned that my clients love, appreciate and are impressed with the quality and quantity of fabulous image options. When professionalism, choice and expertise are important values for documenting your family, give me call. 

Art books and collages
 are perennial favorite to
showcase variety
and personality.

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