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My photography career started over 20 years ago as a collegiate German exchange student. My dad gave me a camera to take on the trip and I haven't put it down since. Over the years, I have developed a unique style of photographing people that combines classic studio sensibilities - beauty lighting, composition, arrangement - with a natural quality in my subjects - candid, real and spontaneous.

Two favorite comments I hear, "well, that was easy," and "that's the kid I  know." I love hearing these phrases because I want your photographic experience to be easy and pleasant. As well, your portrait art should accurately reflect the personality and character of your kids and family. These are the concepts that drive and define me, and have successfully resonated with clients for over 20 years.

Please peruse my website portfolios and if you find my style to be a good fit with what you are envisioning, please fill out the contact form or call, and I'll look forward to meeting you in person.

"well that was easy"

My favorite comment after a shoot:

Heidi Soll, ST Paul Photographer

My approach

Mirrors or windows? My interest is not in creating highly stylized images that fit a current look or trend, but instead to capture the personality and unique style of my subjects, documenting how they look in an environment that fits their personality at this particular stage of life. Call it the photojournalist in me, I like things real.

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