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Cornbread Harris and Cadillac Kolstad | Minneapolis Photographer Heidi Soll

Its been years since I photographed any live bands but at one time in my life, its what I did all the time. I had an old manual Pentax with a great 1.8 lens and I’d bring it with me to watch shows and document bands, friends and music culture in Portland, OR where I lived for many years. The other night I happened to have my camera with me for photographing the Bocce Ball-Star playoffs at the Nomad World Pub on Minneapolis’s West Bank. We ended up across the street at Palmer’s where you can often find incredibly good music and musicians. Cornbread Harris and Cadillac Kolstad were playing, two regulars on the West Bank. I asked Cornbread Harris if it was okay if I photographed him playing. He smiled really big and said sure – he seemed flattered.


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