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Senior Pictures | Mendota Heights Photographer | Heidi Soll Photography

Russell and his mom had some fun ideas for his senior portraits. We started with the standard in-studio session for the more formal portraits then went drove about 5 miles back to their home. We photographed him inside, outside, with his dog, his car and on the trampoline where he’s probably spent endless hours. We had a lot of fun and created really unique images.

For some reason I really liked the one of him in the chair although neither his mother, father or grandmother, who all came over separately, picked any from that series. That actually happens a lot and is why I don’t dramatically edit the collection until the clients have had a chance to look through all of the images at the view-and-order appointment. Usually there is some little expression or look that really captures the child’s personality and parents of course recognize it immediately — but I might pass it over. So the view-and-order session is always very interesting for me for to see what people choose and why.

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