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A Day with Berit Writes

My friend Berit is a freelance writer and is always working on new projects. Last week she invited me along on one of her stories about outdoor organic pizza farms in Wisconsin.

We drove to Wisconsin and south along the beautiful river valley to an organic farm just beyond Cream, Wisconsin. Berit started her interview with the owner and I wondered around photographing the farm.   

Basically, the owner creates extra revenue for her organic farm by having a pizza night on Thursdays. All the vegetables are fresh and grown on the farm. The meats, flour and dairy are delivered from other nearby farms. So you actually know the source of your food and how its grown which is somewhat remarkable when you think about it.

People arrived in droves with whatever they wanted to sit on. Berit had a blanket I identified as being from college. The whole experience was really pleasant and relaxing.

As we were lounging there soaking up the atmosphere, Berit looked over and held up a four leaf clover. I thought it was really amazing but she said she finds them all the time and her grandma, Berit, was apparently the same way.  Lucky genetics?

I felt lucky to have had the day trip with her and realized day trips are good things, I should do them more often.

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