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The Terrific Two’s

On Saturday the Berman family came over to have two-year-and-one-week old Calleigh photographed. This age is one of my absolute favorites to doucment and not because its easy. Toddlers, Calleigh included, do not sit still for more than 10 seconds and they will not look at the camera — but for fleeting moments.

Everything is so interesting and distracting to a toddler — like an ottoman — climb up, climb down, climb up, climb down. The watering can or unsightly clamp is now like a beloved friend that cannot be separated from them without serious protest and silent colluding by the adults.

Nevertheless, I find the most amazing shots come through in unpredictable ways with this age. With Calleigh, she was curious, energetic and happy — especially with her patient and adoring parents.

Two-year-old’s are a raw bundle of sincere energy and expression.

Truly a unique age and stage to document.

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